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Telemetry products / Wireless transmission of measurement signals

Telemetry products IPC Teknik Aps offers a wide range within telemetry products for wireless transformission of measurement signals from roating or inaccesible measuring points. We sell telemetry equipment from Knaus Messtechnik GmbH


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TEL1-PCM-IND 1 channel 12 bit

For rotating shafts. Measurement with strain gaunge. Full and half bridge configuration. Inductive transmission of signal. Max distance: 25 mm. (Option 35 mm.) Output: 0..10V (4.. 20mA)
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Has the same electrical data ac TEL 1-PCM, but the transmitter is extremely flat and flexible. Max height 2mm, minimum bend radius of 15 mm  
T1-PCM-IND 1 kanal 16 bit

For rotating shafts. Measurement with strain gauge (Full or half bridge) or PT100 sensor. Inductive signal transfer. Max distance: 30 mm. (Option 35 mm.) Output: 0..10V (4..20mA)


MT 32 Multi channel telemetry system for roating application

Up to 32 kanaler, 12 bit resolution. Input for strain gauges, termoccouple type K or current signal. Udgang: +- 5V. Compact design, supply via battery or inductive.
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MTP-PCM Multi-channel telemetry system for rotating applications

2-64 channels, 16 bit, signal bandwidt 0-24000Hz. Full software programmable. Inputs for STG, TH-K, ICP og Volt. Output analog +/- 10 V Digital data interface to PC. Inductive or battery power

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CTP 4/8/16 Multi-channel sensor telemetry system.

For rotating or point-to-point applications. Input for strain gauges, TH-K, ICP or Volt. 16 bit. Output +/- 10 V.

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Replace slip-rings. 16 channels, Full- and half bridge. Auto Zero Offset-kalibrering · Gain 125-250-500-1000-2000. 16 bit. Output analog/ digital Ethernet +/- 10V. Signal bandwidth: 16x 0-6000Hz. Water protected.
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Telemetry system for use on 4 / 8 wheel channel. Input for strain gauges, termocouple K, current, potentiometer and +-5V eller +- 10V signals. 16 bit solution +- 10V resolution (option PC Interface)
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Telemetry system for roating application whit 16 channels. Inputs for STG, TH-K, ICP or Volt. 16 bit. Battery power op to 10 h.
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Telemetry system for rotating applications whit 32 channals. Inputs: strain gauge, TH-K, ICP eller Volt. Outputs: analog +/- 10 V. 16 bit.
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CT2 Mini
Compact telemetry system for two channels. Input for strain gage, termocouple type K, +-5V eller +- 10V. Output: +- 5V eller PC Interface. 12 bit resolution. Range up to 500 meter.
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