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Accelerometers from IPC Teknik

Accelerometer with applications for: vibration measurement, crash test, material test, etc.
Capacitive, Piezoresistive, IEPE, MEMS
Measuring ranges from + -1.7 g to 50.000 g Frequency range from 0 Hz to 10 KHz

Accelerometer from AIS


Accelerometer from DJB Instruments

AIS uni axial capacitiv accelerometer:

offered in both anodised aluminum and steel and with various units of measurement. You can also choose whether it is for mounting or with screw mounting. They are resistant to corrosion.

AIS bi and triaxial capacitiv:

available in either aluminum or steel for mounting with screws. Resistant to Correction. Protection class IP67 and IP 68

DJB uni axial IEPE accelerometers:

Choose from Miniature, Versatile Use, High Sensitive, Seismic Micro, Industrial, Impedance Head and Low Cost Accelerometers.

DJB Tre-akset IEPE accelerometre:

Choose from Miniature, for Versatile Use, with High Sensitivity, and for High Temperature Accelerometers.