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Load Cells

Load Cells. Typical application:                                Silo, Tank, Hopper weighing                              Platform scales                                                            Truck scales

Weighing cells and accessories:
  • Compression Load Cells  
  • Tension Load Cells
  • Bending Beam Load Cells
  • Shear beam Load Cells
  • Singlepoint Load Cells
  • Silo Weighing Assemblies
  • Junction Boxes
  • Cabels

Shear beam loadcells

   Silo supplies whit load cells

T85 Shear Beam load cellCapacity 300kg – 10.000kg. Datasheet

LA85 Anti – Vibration Assembly for T85. Capacity 300 – 10.000kg. Datasheet

T66 Bending Beam load cell. Capacity 5 – 500kg. Datasheet

LA66 Anti -Vibration Assemble for T66 load celleDatasheet

Load feet for Shear Beam load cell in stainless steel whit rubber base  Datasheet

Levermount Silo Assembly for T66 and T85.                        Capacity 5 – 5000kg  Datasheet

VC3500 Double Shear Beam load cell. Capacity 2t – 200t. Datasheet

Mastermount Silo Assembly for VC3500.                                            Capacity 2t – 30t.  Datasheet

VC3500 Silo Assembly for large silo.  Capacity 2t – 200t. Datasheet

Compression load cell / Tension load cell

T20 Compression load celle. Capacity 1t – 20t.  Datasheet

Compression Assembly for T20. Low profile, lift off prevention. Capacity 1 ton – 30 ton.  Datasheet

T34 Compression load celle for weightbridges / truck.                    Capacity 15t – 60t.  Datasheet

T34 Silo. Compression load cell for silo. Capacity 10t – 1000t.  Datasheet

T34 Column. Compression load celle use in truck scales / weighbridges.                      Capacity 1t – 60t.  Datasheet

S-type Tension Load Cells

T60 S- type Tension load cell. Up to 150°C.                                Capacity 50 – 6000kg.  Datasheet

T 61 S – type Tension load cell. Capacity 50 – 1000 kg. Up to 150°C.  Datasheet

T65 S – type Tension load cell.    Capacity 50 – 3000 kg.  Datasheet

T68. S-type Tension load cell in stainless steel. Up to 150 ºC. Capacity 250 – 7500kg.  Datasheet

Singlepoint Load cells

T 11 Single point load cell.   Capacity 15 – 150kg.  Datasheet

T12 Single Point load cell.      High precision. Capacity 15 – 400 kg.  Datasheet

T12 A Single Point load cell. Nickel planted steel alloy steel. Capacity  50 – 400kg.  Datasheet

T16 Single Point fluid damped.  Capacity 5 – 35kg.  Datasheet